Sunday, 16 June 2013

Monochrome... I don't care, I love it

Crop top: Topshop Leather skirt: Second hand Heels: Ebay Sunglasses: Primark Cap: Primark 
Clutch: Primark 

I don't know about you, but I just love the monochrome trend. Black and white are just such a yummy pairing! This stripey crop top is from Topshop and cost about £15. The other day I saw on instagram (follow me if ya fancy @gemmm_b) that Beyonce was seen in this top and the matching skirt. Fangirling.... I mean it's Queen B. haha, anyway I love this top its so easy to style with tingss' especially black or white bottoms!  I know I'm wearing my shoes I wore in the previous post but I loveeee them and can't get enough of them.
Keeping this post sweet and short expressing my love for monochrome!
Happy June lovelies.x

Friday, 14 June 2013

Sport Luxe-ish

Top: Primark Boyfriend jeans: Gap Tinted sunglasses: Primark White heels: Ebay Cap: Primark Earrings: Primark Adidas cardigan: Charity shop

Hey everyone, sorry for my delayed post, its just I recently had my A-level exams which were pretty stressful however I am now FREEEEEEEEEEEE! PARTTTTTTTYYYYYY!!! woo woo yipeeeeee. Anyway to celebrate I went for a much need shopping trip and I went on a bit of a Primark binge. I Found some blue tinted sunglasses which I have been desperate for, and well they were £1 say WAH. I love Primark cheap sunnies! I also picked up these cute little dollar sign studs, for £1.50 and thought they were quite, well... swaggy.... I now have $W4G... haha total jokes. But they are rather funky and subtle I feel. I love all things netted at the mo' and found this sports vest in Primark for £5. What a barg, I thinks is funky and can be styled quite easily. Now onto the beauties that are my white court shoes. yum-ey. I was lusting for these babies for so long, especially after seeing the likes of Rihanna and Nicole Richie wearing white heels. Fashion icon's alert!!! At first they were on Boohoo, but then they ran out so I found some on Missguided and what a suprise my size had sold out again. That's when Ebay saved the day. Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the greatness of that website. You can find them here. Although they aren't the comfiest of shoes as they cut into my little toe a bit, they are very beautiful and well I'm willing to accept that. You know what they say, no pain, no gain - the gain being stylish ;) I just think they are very classy and look great with skinny//baggy jeans, skirts, shorts ANYTHING! I also found this adidas cardigan in a  charity shop!!! It was £6.99. So chuffed with this find and thought I'd throw it into this post seen as I'm on the sports luxe kind of trend.
 Thanks for reading, I'm thinking of making a youtube account and making some lil vids of hauls, lookbooks ect - woud that be of interest to anyone? :)
Have  a lovely June you fabulous internet people! x