Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Think Pink

Jumper: Primark Jeans: Topshop Beanie: Primark Bag: Primark Heels: Ebay Eye ring: Ebay Gold rings: Newlook

Pink is big for A/W? well thank-goodness for that cause I just love me some pink! I found this super cute fluffy jumper in Primark and it was only £10. Such a bargain for something I will probably wear to death, especially in the colder months! The pink fluff is so punk 90's! When I wear this jumper I feel like I'm on a fluffy cloud surrounded by thousands of kittens and candy floss and rainbows :) - Just a little (slightly exaggerated) insight in  to how insanely comfy this jumper is.
I decided to pair all white with a splash of pink cause I still love white on white and think the colours pair beautifully. What do you guys think of the PINK trend at the moment? :)

Tuesday, 17 September 2013


 Pink is big for A/W, especially pastel milkshake pink
Loving the tartan print for A/W 

Pencil skirt: Topshop crop top: Missguided Transparent bag: Primark Fluffy cardigan: Primark Platform boots: H&M Earrings: New look 

London fashion week was fabulous, as expected I got so much inspiration and a sneak peak into the biggest trends for the upcoming seasons. Of course I got serious outfit envy from almost everyone that walked passed me. So many beautiful dressed people roaming the courtyard, and all so different. There was a lot of bold, wacky outfits with print and colour clashes and also some very plain, yet incredibly chic outfits that all looked amazing. All very different but all very trendy. I saw a lot of fur and fluff which is definitely going to be big for A/W. Pastel milkshake colours, tartan and snakeskin being a few awesome trends I reckon we will see more of.
Hope everyone has a lovely week :) x