Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Kim K-Esque

 I was mid dance to try and warm myself up..

Two Piece: Missguided Heels: Newlook Necklace: Primark 

Heyyyyyyyyyy der, how cute is this baby pink two piece from Missguided. I adore the colour. I have always wanted a two piece, the recent fashionable uprise of  Kim Kardashian has made me desperate for a two piece. I think they look so elegant. Kim would definitely pull this look off better because of her amazing curves but to hell with it I don't care casue I want to look as glam as kimmy K! The thing I particularly like about this two piece is the ribbed texture, I think it makes it look more expensive and of a better quality.


Sunday, 13 April 2014

Basics// OOTD

Hat: Primark Necklace: Primark T.shirt: Primark Boyfriend Jeans: Gap Slide sandals: Adidas 

Well Ello there, long time no blog. I am very sorry for my rubbish blog posting. I have recently found myself having issues on actually getting photographs taken for my blog. I have also not been shopping for ages as I am trying to save for uni but recently, with summer round the corner I have decided to get a lil' nawwwttyyyyy and buy loads of exciting summery items. Like these beautifully fugly Adidas Pool slides. Of course its no secret that Slide sandals are a big trend this season! I have always wanted some pool sliders, since last summer! But wasn't brave enough to pull them off - Still not quite sure if i am... It was between these Adidas 'Adilette's' and the Nike 'Benassi' slides but I thought the adidas look less sporty and can just about pass for some regular monochrome sliders. I also Adore this statement silver necklace from Primark. I can't get enough of wearing it with a basic plain tee. In any other regular highstreet shop this necklace would probably retail for over £20 but I think it was between £8 and £12. Pretty dayum good Primark you are on the ball this season.
I'm going to try and make blogging more regular so see you all soon, and enjoy this phenomenal sunny weather we are forecast for the next week!!!!!!!!

Ps. I know you can see my 'Photographer' in the mirror. Apologies how unprofesh of me.