Thursday, 22 May 2014

Très Chic

Jeans: Charity shop Coat: H&M T.shirt: Primark Necklace: Primark Hat: Ebay Boots: Zara bag: Gift

Whatuppppp, earlier this week I decided to have a much needed wardrobe organize/clear out. I however, managed to finish the clear out session leaving my wardrobe even more un-organized than it originally was. I came across loads of old bags and accessories I had forgotten about though!. So some could say this clear out was in fact beneficial and a success... One thing I re-discovered was this little cute Burberry esque bag. I love the size of it. I thought it looked pretty decent paired with my mac style lab coat from H&M and the pink suede ankle boots from Zara. When I first wore my mac style coat with the bag I felt oh so Burberry. Of course Fedora and floppy style hats are a must have and I thought the dusky grey/purple colour of this one from Ebay was an essential, especially after buying this coat.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Summer Vibes

Playsuit: Primark Hat: Primark Sunglasses: Topshop Boots: Vagabond Coat: Zara

Primark are really quite brilliant at the moment??. I went for an innocent browse in there the other day, not expecting to purchase anything and then boom came across this cute silk play suit. It was rather beautifully draped across the rail, elegantly swinging from the hanger by its lonesome so I grabbed it before anyone else could get their mits on it. I love the print and material, it also has a double strap which I love and the neckline is fab! My kinda neckline! I really think it looks as if it was Fourty odd pounds from Topshop, not thirteen from Primachheee!
Also how Rad are these cat eye sunnies from Topshop? I have recently been attracted to colourful sunglasses and particularly transparent framed ones. I love the mint colour of these as I thought they were rather unusual and funky.! So excited for summer!!!!