Thursday, 26 December 2013


Skirt: Topshop Top: Peacocks Thigh High Boots: New Look Hat: Primark Necklace: River Island 

Merry Christmas everyone!!!  So sorry for my very naughty lack of posts recently, but one of my new years resolutions is to blog more regularly.. so watch this space.
Anyhow Tis' the season to eat an unearthly amount of food and dress up in your new clothes. So that's exactly what I did on my Christmas day! My mother, being very clever, bought me the beautiful diamond statement necklace as one of my pressies!  I love it and thought it would look perf' with a plain polar neck top. You know make a statment and all. I decided to pair my thigh high boots with my new pink fluffy mini skirt. How cute is it? I love the texture of it and it's pink so I luuuuuurve it of course. Black and Pink = goodness? Hope everyone had a fabulous, happy Christmas! And all have a happy New year!

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Tis' the season to... go coat mad

Pink wool coat: Zara Camel coat: Zara Bag: Market Riding pants: American Apparel Boots: Vagabond Sunglasses: River Island Fedora hat: Primark Faux fur stole: Primark 

(Apologies for the moody pout in ALL these photo's...)

Hello everyone!!!! Sorry it's been a little while since I last blogged, what a naughty blogger I am. I've been away however I am back and raring to blog. These cold months are just the best for fashion. Layers, chunky knits, big coats, fur, big coats (yes that has already been mentioned but big coats are seriously essential these months and always look so fab) I found both these coats in no other than Zara, the absolute fashion favourite shop at the mo'. I fully understand that the majority of coats out there are pink at the moment but I don't care because pink coats are wonderful. The huge population of pink coats make the world and prettier place :) Well that's my theory... I love the mixed wool in the pink coat and the shape is rather lovely. The candyfloss colour makes it so easy to wear with all sorts of outfits, pink, black, white, blue! It cost me £79.99 and is one of the cheapest, nicer ones i've seen around. Trust me the hunt of the reasonable/just right pink coat was a long and tough process but I got there. The camel coloured coat  I am wearing is also from Zara but cost me...... £39.99!!!!!!!!!!! Insane right?? I think it looks a little pricier than that? I just love the boxy shape, which manages to look flattering at the same time. Its a lovely material too, slightly longer than the pink one. So to conclude I love coats, I love Zara coats, I am happy the season is upon us to wear coats...

I'd love to know what coats you're loving at the moment, I love reading your comments :)
Happy coat wearing season everyone! xx

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Crop & Fluff

Crop: Charity shop Boyfriend jeans: Gap Boots: Vagabond Beanie: Primark Jacket: Urban Outfitters Ring: Matalan

Does Britian wanna make up it's mind? Is it autumn or summer? It is October but currently sunny and 18 degrees. I'm boiling today!
This post represents the 'Don't know what the weathers doing today outfit' The big fluffy light grey jacket makes the outfit look very autumnal but pairing it with a pretty patterned off white crop top also adds a bit of summer shazayyym? So this is if you like a bit of a it's too hot for the long wooly coat and thick jumper look however it's too cold to have a lot of skin out. Gah. Britain's fashion lover's dilemmas aye?   Hope everyone is well :)

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Monochrome... again

Fedora hat: Primark Top: Charity shop Jeans: Topshop Boots: Vagabond Eye ring: Ebay 

Hey hey hey, I'm back from Scotland (sad face) seeing family and I had a lovely time. While I was up there I managed to get a couple of outfits snapped. This outfit is seriously monochrome but I still love it! The top is originally from Marks & Spencers and is a size 14 but I love baggy long sleeve tops that I can mess about with and tuck in/tie up do whatever with! I love the felt pattern on the top. When I was up in Scotland I got this fedora hat from Primark and was sooo pleased to find it as I have been desperate for one for AGGES.
Update: I am currently eating my feelings in chocolate hating reality wanting to be back up north, waaaaaa.

:) xxx


Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Think Pink

Jumper: Primark Jeans: Topshop Beanie: Primark Bag: Primark Heels: Ebay Eye ring: Ebay Gold rings: Newlook

Pink is big for A/W? well thank-goodness for that cause I just love me some pink! I found this super cute fluffy jumper in Primark and it was only £10. Such a bargain for something I will probably wear to death, especially in the colder months! The pink fluff is so punk 90's! When I wear this jumper I feel like I'm on a fluffy cloud surrounded by thousands of kittens and candy floss and rainbows :) - Just a little (slightly exaggerated) insight in  to how insanely comfy this jumper is.
I decided to pair all white with a splash of pink cause I still love white on white and think the colours pair beautifully. What do you guys think of the PINK trend at the moment? :)

Tuesday, 17 September 2013


 Pink is big for A/W, especially pastel milkshake pink
Loving the tartan print for A/W 

Pencil skirt: Topshop crop top: Missguided Transparent bag: Primark Fluffy cardigan: Primark Platform boots: H&M Earrings: New look 

London fashion week was fabulous, as expected I got so much inspiration and a sneak peak into the biggest trends for the upcoming seasons. Of course I got serious outfit envy from almost everyone that walked passed me. So many beautiful dressed people roaming the courtyard, and all so different. There was a lot of bold, wacky outfits with print and colour clashes and also some very plain, yet incredibly chic outfits that all looked amazing. All very different but all very trendy. I saw a lot of fur and fluff which is definitely going to be big for A/W. Pastel milkshake colours, tartan and snakeskin being a few awesome trends I reckon we will see more of.
Hope everyone has a lovely week :) x