Thursday, 21 February 2013

LFW Day 5

 Mid speech - NOICE

 Splash of neon pink is a yes yes
Beautiful booties or what ?!

What I'm wearing: Neon Top: Zara Leather skirt: Gift (vintage) Leather Jacket: Topshop 
Faux fur gillet: H&M Boots: Zara 

Went to London fashion week for the first time on tuesday, and it was fabulous darling. I loved it because there were so many interesting people around that all looked amazing. I just went to get a feel for it and experience the atmosphere. Not only that, but I also got a tremendous amount of inspiration. It was just such a cool  outing. I literally went around the court in circles about 10 times just asking people for snaps, here are just a few of the many! (it might have been obvious I was a newbie london fashion week go-er.) I also got asked for a picture and was like 'say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa' I was so excited (again, a trait of a newbie fashion week go-er?) but obviously I played it cool. (yay me) Finally I chose to  wear all black with a splash of neon yellow, metalic and white. Mix it up a bit ya'know. I didn't intentionally want to wear double leather but it was absolutely freezing.   

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