Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Crop & Fluff

Crop: Charity shop Boyfriend jeans: Gap Boots: Vagabond Beanie: Primark Jacket: Urban Outfitters Ring: Matalan

Does Britian wanna make up it's mind? Is it autumn or summer? It is October but currently sunny and 18 degrees. I'm boiling today!
This post represents the 'Don't know what the weathers doing today outfit' The big fluffy light grey jacket makes the outfit look very autumnal but pairing it with a pretty patterned off white crop top also adds a bit of summer shazayyym? So this is if you like a bit of a it's too hot for the long wooly coat and thick jumper look however it's too cold to have a lot of skin out. Gah. Britain's fashion lover's dilemmas aye?   Hope everyone is well :)


  1. i'm loving anything fluffy at the moment, this jacket is great! especially as an inbetween for these weirdly warm October days! :)

    Bumble Speaks

  2. such a lovely coat, and a lovely location! so green, wowo x


  3. Love the coat so much! And so jealous of the Topshop pink pvc skirt you have!x

  4. love the slashed boyfriend jeans and your white beanie a lot! <3

    Check out my new blogpost featuring my new furnished home! :)


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