Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Wish-list's - Plural !!!!

Here's just a few of the Many Many Many wish lists I have created over the past couple of weeks. Polyvore is a grand app but also deeply upsetting because I want everything on it!! (PS you should totally follow my polyvore 'gems-b'.) Most items are ridiculously priced designer items however I tried to make most collages with affordable high street items. Sorry I couldn't link every item to a brand, there's so many items on this post and wasn't enough space to add them on the collages. If you want to know where any items are from either leave a comment on this post and ill get back to you or check out my polyvore profile and all items can be linked to a brand when you click on them. Two collages I made above include the tea length skirt and wide leg trousers Spring'14 trend. Both trends I'm loving at the moment. I recently purchased some wide leg trousers from Ebay an cant wait to style them and post about it very soon. Hope you are all well and enjoy this slightly different to my usual posts... 


  1. I'm such a sucker for Polyvore, it's the reason I can never save money! I love all these things, such good wishlists.



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