Thursday, 22 May 2014

Très Chic

Jeans: Charity shop Coat: H&M T.shirt: Primark Necklace: Primark Hat: Ebay Boots: Zara bag: Gift

Whatuppppp, earlier this week I decided to have a much needed wardrobe organize/clear out. I however, managed to finish the clear out session leaving my wardrobe even more un-organized than it originally was. I came across loads of old bags and accessories I had forgotten about though!. So some could say this clear out was in fact beneficial and a success... One thing I re-discovered was this little cute Burberry esque bag. I love the size of it. I thought it looked pretty decent paired with my mac style lab coat from H&M and the pink suede ankle boots from Zara. When I first wore my mac style coat with the bag I felt oh so Burberry. Of course Fedora and floppy style hats are a must have and I thought the dusky grey/purple colour of this one from Ebay was an essential, especially after buying this coat.


  1. love this outfit! and I want to steal your H&M coat! x

  2. Beautiful look!The shoes match the rest perfectly!


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