Thursday, 7 August 2014

Sassy Silver Shoes

Culottes: Zara (SALE) Shoes:Next Bandeau: New Look Shirt: H&M 

ZARA. I LOVE THEE. Got these beautiful Culottes from Zara in the Sale! Bagged these babies for only £12.99. Last pair on the rail in my size, that never happens! So that day the sale gods had my back obviously <3.  Anyway I love these trousers because 1. I think they look pretty expensive due to the material and just the general look of them. 2. They look pretty classy, i mean I think i could go as far to say that even pairing them with a 'chavtastic' hoodie wouldn't make the outfit un-classy.  Hmm I say that, the theory is still unconfirmed I am just strongly believing it wouldn't....

Now we talk about the shimmering sassy silver pointy loafers. (Alliteration on point?) Found these online on Next. They are super cool and silver so they were a no brainer purchase.
Also I am loving baggy shirts, particularly patterned ones like stripes to throw over a small crop top at the mo'.


  1. Your trousers are amazing, I really like the high waist :) I've been on the look out for something similar but it's impossible to find ones I like and are short enough to fit me! (I'm only 5'1" see :( haha!)
    I also love the print on your shirt :)

    Louise /

  2. You can do no wrong in those trousers xx

  3. So perfect!


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